Wednesday, August 6, 2014

High fashion trainers the new shell suit

Designer trainers are the new vogue. Once the reserve of the super fit, the traditional running shoe has been given some serious style credentials in its new funky form. The new IT is loud a bright trainers with a price tag of $US 1k plus. Karl Lagerfeld started the catwalk trend at Chanel when he sent Cara Delevingne and co down the catwalk in colourful tweed trainers. Since then Katie Grand editor of LOVE magazine, has collaborated with trainer makers Hogan to create wild looking designs combining neon colours and animal print, while Stella McCartney’s designs for trainer giant Adidas have been a huge hit. Cara Delevingne is rarely seen off duty without a pair of pimped up trainers on and Delhi-born designer Ashish designed stand-out LED Buffalo Boots for Topshop.The light-up wedge trainers have already been spotted on Lily Allen, Lady Gaga, Ellie Goulding and Rita Ora.

Part of the attraction of high fashion ath-leisure is the move away from higher heels. Being able to comfortably run about in designer trainers holds much appeal for the paparrazi dodgers. Currently the shoes to be seen in are wedged trainers designed by Isabel Marant, which comes in a variety of funky designs. The classic Nike Air max 1 is as popular now as it ever has been, but now comes in a kaleidoscopic range of designs and colours. The latest Nike Blazer can even be customised on with a choice of colours patterns and material for every part of the sneaker.

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