Saturday, July 26, 2014

Birkenstocks is the new hip

Birkenstocks are back as the fashionista’s comfort sandal. Once reserved for the comfort shoe brigade they now can be seen on the feet of the celebrated famous, from the Olsen twins to Heidi Klum. According to people who know these things it was last year’s CĂ©line fashion show in Paris which brought the mouldy old comfort sandal back to its bling vogue. At first, the orthopaedic sandals drew jeers, then acceptance and finally adulation. To meet a new level of international demand, Birkenstock will double its annual production from 10 million pairs to 20 million over the next five years. Earlier this year, a new design team was assembled by the brand; its spring 2015 line will include, for the first time, Birks with heels and wedges. The company also plans to push the classic single-strap Madrid model as the must-have sandal next season in the hopes of avoiding this season’s success, the double-strap white Arizona Birkenstocks.