Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Shoe AreYou?® Kristin Cavallari

In this episode, Meghan Cleary speaks to Kristin Cavallari about her shoe line with Chinese Laundry (her D'orsay flats in neon yellow suede are a must-have FYI), her very first pair of Loubou's, and why walking is important.

Shoe Are You?® is the interview show created and hosted by footwear expert and author, Meghan Cleary. Each episode she talks to interesting celebrities, personalities or shoe designers about their shoes. Click on the link to get a free copy of the Shoe Are You?® Stiletto Handbook and shoe giveaway competition .

Shoe AreYou?® Kristin Cavallari from Meghan Cleary on Vimeo.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

The d' Orsay Pump

The D’Orsay is a style of pump and a shoe with a circular vamp and quarters that curve downward into deep V-cuts at the sides for foot exposure. The toes and heels are covered with both the inner and outer arch exposed.

The shoe was invented circa 1840 by dandy and libertine, Alfred Gabriel comte d'Orsay (Count of Orsay), (1801 – 1852), son of Count General Albert Guillaume d’Orsay (1772 – 1843 ) . Like his father he was a bella figure, and became a recognized leader in the English fashionable world. From Alfred’s first appearance in London in 1821 until his death in Paris in 1852, he dominated and scandalized the whole of European society. For three decades he was the ultimate arbiter in matters of taste and style and what D'Orsay wore today, society would wear tomorrow. He considered himself heir apparent to the now exiled Beau Brummell as arbiter elegantiarum in London’s society and was probably the most celebrated Dandy of his day. Men admired him not only for his physique but also for his sporting and athletic prowess; women crowded around him not only because of his unfailing politesse and charm but also because he was a dab hand at sketching and frequently treated them to an impromptu portrait while gossiping wittily over the teacups. His easy manner enabled him to mix with all classes and his linguistic skills meant that he could speak with people from most of Europe. He liked the company of soldiers and working men quite as much as that of gentlemen, and he even appeared to take females seriously, an honour bestowed rarely enough even on well-born and educated women in the early years of Queen Victoria's reign. During the 19th century the pump or slip on shoe was elevated from the shoddy footwear of the street urchin to elegance extraordinaire after the invention of elastic goring (a triangular shaped piece of elasticated fabric) in 1836. Neatly fitting pumps made of exotic leather and fabrics graced the feet of the fashionista of both gender. Count D’Orsay took to wearing the low cut pump with exposed arch to accentuate the sinous movement of his feet. Woman soon adopted and wore them with heels which were further sensualised with the addition of toe cleavage. The D’Orsay pump, long been considered the sexiest of shoe designs was only recently rediscovered with the launch of Jenni Kayne’s version in 2003. Today Kayne’s kitten heeled flat d’Orsay, remains the signature shoe for her eponymous label.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Calling London: The below knee project

To celebrate the launch of a new footwear collection by fashion house AllSaints people in London are being asked to take “selfies” of their lower legs and feet. The Below The Knee project aims to “document the world from a different perspective”. Entrants are asked to post their pictures on Twitter and Instagram with the tags @allsaintslive and #belowtheknee, and the results will be put on Below the knee website.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

The new sensible shoe: Wingtips

The pendulum swing has swung away from the super-high heels andfashionable women are now clambering for sensible wing tips (brogue). Retailers such as Saks Fifth Avenue and Barneys New York are selling scores of men’s dress shoe styles redesigned for women . Retailing at prices commensurate with high-fashion stilettos the wing tip fad is helping chains boost sales in an area where growth was flagging. Fashion houses have rendered the traditional men’s styles more feminine with pointed toes or higher heels and the ladies range come in a wide variety of animal skins as well as embellishments like embroidery and studs. The trend is thought to have originated as a street look that designers latched onto. Among the discerning fashionista seen wearing unisex wing tips include: Taylor Swift, Kate Moss, and Diane Kruger .

Monday, October 14, 2013

Louboutin Nude Shoes for All Skin Tones

Christian Louboutin believes every woman should own at least one pair of shoes that closely matches the colour of her skin. His Nudes collection comes in five shades that range from fair blush to rich chestnut.

To celebrate the new collection, the designer is also introducing a free iPhone app, dubbed Louboutin Shades, which opens with an animated wheel of spinning legs. Using the app, you can take a photo of your foot and find the shade that most perfectly matches your skin tone.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Do You Speak Shoe Lover? Style and Stories from Inside DSW

Do You Speak Shoe Lover? Style and Stories from Inside DSW is a new softcover gift book from leading shoe retailer Designer Shoe Warehouse (DSW). The book explores the obsession many have with shoes and contains 240 pages of photos and compelling stories including confessions of Shoe Lovers. The book is available from and in DSW stores and will be available in retailers nationwide on October 8th. To celebrate the book release, DSW will host a red carpet and launch party for celebs, media, and fashion influencers in attendance at the Annenberg Community Beach House, Santa Monica on Thursday Octeober 10th at 7.00pm.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Nicole Smallwood

Nicole Smallwood has spent years searching for stylish shoes to fit her size nine feet. Despite working on the industry's top glossies and having access to some of the flashiest fashion cupboards around, the 5ft 10in brunette has always had difficulty finding on-trend heels. Out of frustration the London-based fashion expert decided to design her own. Nicole Smallwood, in collaboration with shoe brand Upper Street, has created a range of fashionable shoes for bigger feet. Her clients include: Elle MacPherson, Liv Tyler, Jessica Ennis-Hill and Abbey Clancy. Her new 11-piece collection are named after the designers most stylish friends. All are available in various heel and width heights the shoes are sold alongside Upper Street's design-your-own bespoke collection. Styles are available in sizes 40-44 in standard and wide fit, from £170 at

Saturday, October 5, 2013

“Virgule, etc…in the Footsteps of Roger Vivier”

Virgule is a new exhibition in the Saut du Loup section of the Palais de Tokyo, in Paris and celebrates the iconic shoe designer Roger Vivier as an artist. This is the first comprehensive exploration of the designer's work since 1987. The retrospective follows the earlier publication of a book about the house’s history. Vivier was born in Paris in 1907 and started his own label in 1963, after a full decade working at Dior. Vivier was the architect of some of the world's greatest moments on heels, shoemaker of record for the coronation of Elizabeth II and Luis Buñuel's Belle de Jour. He created the curved Virgule heel as a signature, to differentiate his work post-Dior.

On display are 170 shoes pulled from collections across the globe and gives a great spectrum of his imaginative range at work. The exhibits are grouped by visual themes, without heed for chronology. Each theme is named after different art movements such as: the Department of Egyptian Antiquities (gilt and vermeil), the Gallery of Post-Impressionists (beautiful prints), the Corridor of English Paintings (satins and silk failles), the Italian and Spanish Sculptures (lace overlays and voluminous tulle). 'Virgule' includes a room dedicated to sketches and collages by the designer. The collection spans some of Roger Vivier’s earliest designs, including models made for Christian Dior in the Fifties, through the decades when he created his iconic stiletto and comma heels, and includes recent models by current creative director Bruno Frisoni . The exhibition runs through Nov. 18th and includes drawings and collages by Vivier and sketches by Frisoni. There is a Roger Vivier iPhone app with additional information tied to the exhibition.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Manolo Blahnik

Manolo Blahnik (aged 70 ) is one of the best known faces in shoe design but then self-effacing shoe maven admitted recently he hates having his photograph taken. A multimillionare, the Spanish shoe designer just likes to work and lives in a personal shoe museum. His home in Bath, South West England is reported to house 30,000 pairs of prototype shoes. Blahnik claims he has never been interested in fashion and pays scant attention to the many celebrities who clamber to wear his footwear. Manolo Blahnik became a household name with the TV series Sex And The City, whose fashion obsessed Carrie Bradshaw ( Sarah Jessica Parker ) strutted about Manhattan in never-ending pairs of six-inch “Manolos”.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Louboutin and Jourdan resolve the issue over faux red soles

Christian Louboutin has reached a deal with Charles Jourdan Fashion Footwear LLC to halt his lawsuit in New York federal court alleging that the company infringed his trademark by selling copy shoes with red soles synonymous with Louboutin's footwear. U.S. District Judge signed off on Louboutin's motion to voluntarily dismiss the case with prejudice on Monday after the parties agreed on a out of court resolution.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

The first Lady of American Shoes Design - Beth Levine

Beth Levine (1914 - 2006) is considered one of the most influential footwear designers of the 20th century. Frequently referred to as "The first Lady of American Shoes Design" she designed under the Herbert Levine label , (a company she co-owned with her husband). Levine is credited with re-introducing boots into women's fashion in the 1960s; and popularizing mules as a singing shoe style for the age. Nancy Sinatra wore Levine boots in publicity shots for the 1960s hit song These Boots Are Made for Walking'.

Levine had elfin feet (size 4) and frequently modelled her own designs. Part of her commercial success was she created shoes that made women with average shoe sizes look more delicate and feminine in their shoes. In 1965, the Herbert Levine label released the “racing car shoe,” constructed of clear, colored and mirrored vinyl, pieced together to resemble a miniature race car.

Interesting book

Beth Levine Shoes by Helene Verin

Vasconcelos' giant sculptures of Marilyn's FM pumps

Joana Vasconcelos is a Portuguese artist and much of her work deals with feminism, as well as social and political issues. Her most famous creation is "Marilyn" a gigantic pair of shoes made of stainless steel pots and pans and their lids. The exhibit is currently on display at the Ajuda National Palace .

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Heels: The Why Factor

Why do tens of millions of women all over the world choose to walk around on stilt like objects called heels? Where did the fascination with elevated footwear come from and what do they tell us about class, power and sex? It may surprise many to hear that high heels were first worn by… men.

The Heel BBC World service The Why Factor broadcast on the 11th January 3013.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

How to shine a pair of dress shoes

How to shine a pair of dress shoes is a smashing website which demonstrates how to care for your favourite pair. All you need is a cloth, a toothbrush, cream or wax polish, chamois and elbow grease.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Pop up shoe exhibition: Canons Ashby

From mid July the National Trust's Canons Ashby will host an exhibition of ahoes shoes from Northampton's world famous shoe heritage collection.Those interested in heritage and stories about people from the past will find the installation particularly appealing. It tells the story of the people who once would have lived at Canons Ashby through the shoes they wore. The types of shoes that would have been worn by the gardener, maid, cook and members of the Dryden family will be featured. There will be shoes linked to those worn by Dryden family members who sat for the portraits hanging in the house. The story of the Dryden family's links with the British Empire and travels through countries like Japan will also be explored through the shoes on display. This exhibition is part of a wider drive to raise awareness of Northampton's world-class shoe collection and make it accessible to new audiences by taking items from the collection into non-museum venues. The initiative has been made possible thanks to £47,000 funding awarded to Northampton Borough Council's museum service by the Arts Council England. It is hoped the display will lead to other National Trust properties hosting similar exhibitions. The museum service is currently in talks with a major London retailer to showcase another installation that focuses on contemporary shoe fashion designers. In October Northampton Museum and Art Gallery will also host a free seminar (£10 towards the cost of lunch and refreshments) to share the initiative's findings with museums, visitor attraction managers, retailers, academics, students and others interested in the science of displaying shoes innovatively. To register interest in attending email or telephone 01604 838111.

Cult Shoes: Classic and Contemporary Designs

Cult Shoes (Harriet Walker ) is a lavishly illustrated (over 350 historical and contemporary images) book exploring 30 shoe luminaries from the eighteenth century to the present day. Written by fashion journalist, Harriet Walker the author selects and recounts the history and what made each a standout success. The book also contains a brief history of footwear and short features on key personalities and lesser-known but influential brands. A must addition for all shoecoholics.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Zamora Shoes (Australia)

Zamora Shoes is an Austalian shoe importer, wholesaler and retailer of internationally crafted shoes. The company aspires to cater to the tastes of the true “It Girl” with a watchful eye on global trendsetters, and what style icons and fashion savvy celebrities are wearing. Shoes are handpicked from all over the world, selected for their high quality design, and quantity in craftsmanship. Currently Zara Shoes feature shoes from Belanci (Australia) , Errol Arendz (Africa), Rockin’ Reptile (Malaysia), and Tosca Blu (Italy). Follow the Zamora Shoes blog.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Louboutin's red soles

Christian Louboutin filed suit last week in Federal District Court in New York against Charles Jourdan Fashion Footwear and unnamed for trademark counterfeiting and infringement and other related claims based upon the Defendants’ sales of women’s shoes bearing red soles. To date Louboutin has been unsuccessful in its bid to claim exclusivity in the colour red when used in any capacity for women’s shoes in its action against Yves Saint Laurent, but still owns valid US trademark Registration No. 3,361,597 for the colour red when used on the sole of women’s shoes. The allegedly infringing Charles Jourdan shoes appear to use the colour red only on the souls of the shoes. No response to the Complaint has yet been filed by the Defendants.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Fetishism in fashion: New Book

Lidewij Edelkoort ‘s The Fetishism in fashion exhibition at the The Mode Biennale in Arnhem (9 June - 21 July 2013) has 13 thematic rooms ranging from the fundamental need to cover up to the eccentric extremes which take us on the quest for beauty. It explores the intimate links between a garment and person such as; the passion a pair of shoes can generate, the elation the tactility of textiles can bring, or the profound relationship with a particular designer. Shamanism, infantilism, legendism, nudism and nomadism are just some of the intriguing keywords at the core of Fetishism in Fashion. To coincide with the event’s launch, Frame is publishing its first fashion book. Authored by Lidewij Edelkoort with a host of remarkable contributors detailing the richness and versatility of the theme.

Lidewij Edelkoort is an internationally renowned trend forecaster and takes a discerning look at the world of contemporary fetishism to reveal a daring and instinctive future for style and culture.The author investigates topics including the evolution of taste from birth to adulthood, the elevation of shoes through ever-higher heels, the psychology of branding, the effects of infantilism, the power of black, the fetishizing of objects, and our interaction with skin and the body. Essays and interviews include contributions by Andrea Branzi, Sylvia Chivaratanond, Malu Halasa, Susan Piët, Henk Schiffmacher, Valerie Steele, Faye Toogood and Betony Vernon. More than fifty fetishes are illustrated by inspiring visuals from Leigh Bowery, Roland Fischer, Pieter Hugo, Erwin Olaf, Jenny Saville, Sølve Sundsbø, Marie Taillefer, Ari Versluis & Ellie Uyttenbroek, Marcel van der Vlugt and Carsten Witte. The boundaries of design are stretched in the work of Iris van Herpen, Bart Hess, Pepe Heykoop, Formafantasma and Alexander McQueen. Fetishism in Fashion will be published in June 2013.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Great Gatsby Style

1920s "The Great Gatsby" style courtesy of John Clarks Shoes. To celebrate the world premiere of "The Great Gatsby" the company created a 1920s inspired Pinterest board, featuring some of Clarks' current styles, and also some of original designs from the 20s.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Tokio Kumagai (1948-1987)

Trompe-l'œil (French for deceive the eye) describes a technique used in art to resent 2 dimensional objects in three dimensions. The resulting optical illusion is chatagorised as a form of "forced perspective," and is is commonily used in theatre design and film making. In 1982 Japanese shoe designer Tokio Kumagai used Trompe-l'œil in a series of shoe designs entitled Shoes to eat (Taberu kutsu). The surrealist footwear collection was inspired by the models of entrees seen in the windows of Japanese restaurants. The shoes were not actually edible but instead made of acrylic or resin using plastic food-sample production methods. The artist graduated in 1970 from the famous Bunka Fashion College before moving to Paris where he worked with Jean-Charles de Castelbaja. Later he moved to Italy to work with Cerruti. He opened his first shoe boutique in 1981 in Paris and soon established himself for playful designs of shoes resembling cars and mice. He openly adapted the work of other artists like Dali, Kandinsky and Mondrian into his hand-crafted footwear. Kumagai's innovative approach and incorporation of a wide range of materials has ensured his shoes are collector's items. Many are on display in museums around the world, including the Metropolitan Museum , New York, Kyoto Costume Institute, the National Gallery of Australia, and the Powerhouse Museum of Science and Design, Sydney.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Footwear trends and design collection

Notice of shoe program in Singapore and passed on in good faith.

Footwear trends and design collection is of specific interest to those actively involved in the footwear industry

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Women's Obsession with Shoes (WOWS): a fun read

Women's Obsession with Shoes: Real Stories Straight from the Sole by River Maria Urkeis a collection of twenty-one stories about life through a pair of shoes. The stories range from a lost pair of moccasins at a Pow Wow to a six-foot woman making a claim on a man's chest in stiletto boots. Every story is told in the woman's voice as if you were sitting next to her while she told the story. Some of the stories will spark memories while others will be entertaining in their own way. An interest read.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Shoe Obsession exhibition book

The Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology (MIT) exhibition called “Shoe Obsession has just finished. The purpose of the collection was to examine contemporary culture’s fascination with extravagant and fashionable shoes. On display were over 150 examples celebrating the most extraordinary shoe styles of the 21st-century. Shoe Obsession featured extraordinary styles from major fashion houses such as Azzedine Alaïa, Givenchy, Alexander McQueen, and Prada. Other exhibits included the works of avant-garde designers such as Kei Kagami and Noritaka Tatehana. The exhibition also included highlights from the incredible shoe collections of several stylish women, including jewelry designer Lynn Ban and fashion icon Daphne Guinness. The exhibition was accompanied by a book, also titled Shoe Obsession , published by Yale University Press. In addition to essays by Steele and Hill, the book features more than 150 color photographs of exceptional 21st-century shoes. All royalties from sales of the book will benefit the Fashion Institute of Technology.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Out of the Box: The Rise of Sneaker Culture

The latest exhibition at the Bata Shoe Museum is called Out of the Box: The Rise of Sneaker Culture and will open to the public on April 25, 2013. This is the first exhibition in North America to showcase the history of sneaker culture and features over 120 sneakers representing the past 150 years. Visitors to the Museum will see the historical beginnings of the sneaker from its emergence in the 19th century to becoming one of the most democratic forms of footwear in the 20th century to its current position as status symbol and icon of urban culture. Rare sneakers from the archives of adidas, Nike, Reebok, PUMA, Converse and Northampton Museums and Art Gallery, and loans from rap legends Run DMC, sneaker guru Bobbito Garcia aka Kool Bob Love and Dee Wells from OSD will be featured. The exhibition will also include the latest designs from fashion designers, including Christian Louboutin, Pierre Hardy, Lanvin and Prada, as well as exceptional limited editions. A particular highlight is the handpicked sneakers and sketches by Nike designers Tinker Hatfield, Tobie Hatfield, Mark Smith and Eric Avar. In addition to the lenders already noted, the Bata Shoe Museum's sneaker holdings are complemented by loans from individuals and organizations, including PONY, Ewing Athletics, Mache, Phillip Nutt, Thad Jayaseelan, Sheraz Amin, Christian Louboutin, Chad Jones, Matte Babel and contemporary artists Tom Sachs and Shantell Martin. The exhibition was designed by industrial designer Karim Rashid. Out of the Box: The Rise of Sneaker Culture will be on view until March 30, 2014.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Shoe exhibition at the Grassi Museum für Angewandte Kunst of Applied Arts

There is a shoe exhibition at the Grassi Museum für Angewandte Kunst of Applied Arts in Leipzig, On display are over 200 shoes, many are one-off exclusives designed as works of art. The theme is to "challenge traditional notions of shoe design and the special relationship which exists between people and shoes. The exhibition runs until 29th September 2013.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Winnie Peng: Help for new shoe designers

Winnie Peng (Puhng) is Senior Project Manager for China Product Sourcing and Marketing Ltd. (CPSM). She hopes to encourage would-be footwear designers to turn their sketches into actual shoes. According to Peng the two most important factors for a shie designer to know is the actual cost of producing shoes and importing them from the shoe factory; combined with a good marketing plan in place to sell the new range, once made. Most would be shoe designers have the mistaken idea that ‘everything's cheap in China’ and never realize that it takes hundreds of dollars just to create a prototype and many have no idea of the cost for the full-production order. She hopes to overcome these short falls with a series of training videos to help educate and inspire a new generation of footwear designers to great success. Richard Alele contacted Peng four years ago and wanted to start a shoe line. Keen to succeed the two worked together and developed Star Rich More information at www.shoe

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Rudolf & Söhne Scheer: Shoemakers to the crown heads of Europe

Rudolf & Söhne Scheer are the oldest bespoke shoemakers in Europe. Based in Vienna the family have been making shols for seven generations . Truely suppliers to the crownheads of Europe the business was named imperial court purveyor by the Habsburg dynasty in 1878. The original building at Bräunerstrasse 4 Vienna still houses many of the original wooden lasts handcrafted for the well heeled of Europe. On average Sheers’ shoes take six months to make and involve several fittings. Leather is chosen from a "library," with some pieces dating back to the 19th century . Today Rudolf & Söhne Scheer shoes cost upward of $US 6,700 a pair and range from classic wing tips and tall-shaft boots to peppy derbies and glossy whole-cuts.

Northampton Museum and art Gallery is actively looking to develop its shoe collection: Can you help?

Northampton Museums and Art Gallery is actively looking to develop its shoe collections through gifts and bequests. If you would like to donate shoes or money towards a shoe purchase fund then please contact Rebecca Shawcross or Jane Seddon on 01604 838111 or email or

Saturday, March 16, 2013

World at Your Feet footwear conference: University of Northampton

The importance of shoes in world history has not been lost on a group of global footwear experts poised to convene in Northampton. The town was chosen as host town for the conference because its museum which houses the world's largest collection of shoes. Prof Giorgio Riello (University of Warwick) will be the keynote speaker at the two-day World at Your Feet footwear conference (20th March 2013 - 21st March 2013) to be held at the University of Northampton. His speech "The Art of the Shoe: Poetry and Pornography of a less-than-pedestrian artefact" will touch on the role of the shoe as a fetish object, as art and as a symbol of excess among the wealthy. The event has been organised in association with Northampton Museum and Art Gallery and Northampton Borough Council and will target those from different academic disciplines, including fashion and design, history, sociology, anthropology and ethnography, and psychology. It is also suitable for those interested in fashion and shoes, and aims to encourage debate and discussion about the design, wearing and social significance of footwear from across the world in the past and today. Other papers to be presented at the conference include shoe manufacture in China, the subculture surrounding the shoes of designer Vivienne Westwood, the popularity of Clarks Originals in Jamaica and how World War Two shaped the development of the stiletto in the 1950s.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Screamin' Hot Shoes: Just what the drag queen ordered

Screamin' Hot Shoes, sells women's shoes, and specializes in transgender and stripper footwear . The new foot boutique she is in Ypsilanti Michigan. Paula Filek openned the store after she recognised the problems many transgenders and cross dressers have buying suitable shoes. Among the labels in stock are Soda , Shoe Delicious, City Classified and many more. Prices from $40 to $500 and men, women and transgenders customers are always welcome.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

David Bowie Exhibition at the V&A

The first international retrospective exhibition of David Bowie will be held at the Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A) from 23rh March to the 11th August 2013. The exhibition explores the creative processes of Bowie as a musical innovator and cultural icon, tracing his shifting style and sustained reinvention across five decades. On show are more than 300 objects that will be brought together for the very first time. These include handwritten lyrics, original costumes, fashion, photography, film, music videos, set designs, Bowie’s own instruments and album artwork. The exhibition will explore the broad range of Bowie’s collaborations with artists and designers in the fields of fashion, sound, graphics, theatre, art and film. On display will be more than 300 objects including Ziggy Stardust bodysuits (1972) designed by Freddie Burretti, photography by Brian Duffy; album sleeve artwork by Guy Peellaert and Edward Bell; visual excerpts from films and live performances including The Man Who Fell to Earth, music videos such as Boys Keep Swinging and set designs created for the Diamond Dogs tour (1974). Alongside these will be more personal items such as never-before-seen storyboards, handwritten set lists and lyrics as well as some of Bowie’s own sketches, musical scores and diary entries, revealing the evolution of his creative ideas.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

HIgh heel shoe diva Sarah Jessica Parker has sore feet

The former 'Sex and the City' star Sarah Jessica Parker has now modified her high heels wearing habits after learning she had irreparably damaged her feet with unsuitable footwear. Parker claims she would previously wear heels everyday for up to 18 hours but recently changed from designer spikes for cheaper versions whilst filming 'I Don't Know How She Does It', The actress dressed more in accord with her character and attributes her recent foot discomfort to wearing cheaper shoes.

Jerome C. Rousseau is inspired by Oz the great and powerful

Shoe designer Jerome C. Rousseau has designed a beautiful new shoe inspired by Disney’s Oz The Great and Powerful.

An exclusive version of the shoe will be featured on starting from March 7th, 2013. Jerome’s creation is an open-toe high heel pump covered in a glittery mesh fabric combined with a gold leather spiral. To launch the project as well as celebrate’s first anniversary, Jerome created a beautiful illustration of the shoe that has been printed on premium dust bags to be gifted with every purchase after launch, while supplies last.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Julian Hakes Mojito Collection

Recently FFANY hosted the New York Shoe Expo to exhibitions of over 300 footwear manufacturers representing 800 fashion footwear brands. By far one of the most anticipated exhibits was the new Julian Hakes Mojito Collection. Julian Hakes has successfully made the transition from designing architectural structures to designing women's shoes. The designer has formed a joint venture with Omega Distribution LLC which will expand their market share to the United States and Latin America.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Thierry Daher: Shoe Culture

Filmmaker Thierry Daher God save my shoes explains the psychological and social impact of shoes at Chicago Ideas Week , sharing the stage with Elle McPherson and Brad Goreski (Bravo) on the theme: why do you wear that?

“Shoe Culture”