Saturday, September 22, 2012


CAMiLEON Heels Technology, LLC have re-launched their two-in-one heel to flat shoe. This allows the heel of a shoe to be adjusted from high to low in just seconds. First released in 2007, the patented adjustable-height technology is incorporated into the stylish design of every pair of CAMiLEON Heels. The heels adjust from a 3¼” high heel to a 1½” low heel position without having to take off the shoe, remove any parts or use any tools. The wearer can transform her shoes in seconds, as often as needed or desired. The heel’s innovative stainless steel shank, locking mechanisms and screw attachment to the shoe are unique to women’s footwear and in addition to the various appealing styles, are designed to ensure stability, durability and safety. While several other brands address the need for comfort in women’s dress footwear, according to the manufacturers CAMiLEON Heels Technology, LLC is the only option to provide a woman with the ability to go from a flat to a heel in just seconds. The stylish two-in-one shoes transform from day to evening with ease, providing comfort, style and flexibility. After several years perfecting the technology and obtaining global patents, CAMiLEON Heels Technology, LLC recently obtained additional patents in the U.S. and Japan. Additionally the company holds patents in Australia, Brazil, Singapore, South Africa, China, Russia, Mexico and India. Patents are pending in Korea, Canada, Europe and Taiwan. The original Italian hand crafted CAMiLEON Heels are available exclusively at their web site for a limited time only with special pricing from $99.00 to $129.00.

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