Friday, July 20, 2012

Customisze soles the new trend

Real fashionista are customizing the soles of their shoes. From stickers to paint-your-sole kits, the bottom of your footwear has now become the canvas to customize, personalize or imitate top designers. The trend started when women realized they could emulate renowned shoe designer Christian Louboutin’s famous red soles by painting the soles of their shoes red with ordinary paint or nail polish.

Designers keen to emulate Louboutin’s success are coming out with soles in unique colors such as Chloe Green (Topshop) feature shoes with light green soles. Colourful stick on soles are also popular and Rosso Solini's sole stickers come in a variety of colours from firetruck red, to animal patterns, glitter and other bright colors.. Customizing the soles is especially popular with brides. For others who want a more designer look, many shoemakers offer the option of fitting red soles. Save Your Sole, also sells shoe soles and paint in nine colors, including cream, blue, and its ever-popular red. The soles need to be attached by a shoemaker, but the color will last until the sole wears out, unlike paint, which can flake off after a short walk on the pavement. Sales of their Red Sole Gift Set, which includes red soles, touch-up paint and a paintbrush, have increased by 25 percent in the last month alone.

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