Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Christian Louboutin Retrospective exhibition: Design Museum London

The Design Museum London was founded in 1989 and focuses on modern design elements including fashion, product, industrial, graphic, and architectural design. An up and coming exhibition at the Design Museum of London is the Christian Louboutin Retrospective exhibition. Showcased are the works of the French shoe designer over the last two decades. The exhibit also takes visitors through every part of the design process from initial sketch to finished product. Included in the Christian Louboutin Retrospective is a look at the company’s store designs, a hologram that comes to life every thirty minutes, plus a fetish room for adults only. Christian Louboutin will give a talk about his life and designs on May 24th.

The museum is housed in a 1930s era banana factory and is currently trying to raise money to create a new ultra-modern building.

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