Monday, October 24, 2011

Shoes for Show: the Sculptural Art of High Heels

A new exhibition Shoes for Show: the Sculptural Art of High Heels, opens soon in London. The exhibition features a display of the crazy, beautiful and downright unwearable shoes from past to present . The exhibition's curator, Shonagh Marshall says ‘shoes can blur the boundary between art and fashion.’ On display will be Beyonce's 'medieval armour' shoes (as worn in the video, Run the World (Girls) which were created by Gareth Pugh. Also in the exhibition is a pair of gold platform sandals designed by Rupert Sanderson for Verdi's Aida at the Royal Opera House; there too is Christian Louboutin’s en pointe Swarovski-encrusted ballet stilettos; as well as a pair of Turkish bath shoes with wooden platform soles (dating from 1890). The clogs are inlaid with mother of pearl embroidery. By far the oldest exhibit is on loan from the Northampton museum's shoe collection. The "prize shoe" dates to the Great Exhibition of 1851 and is a finely embroidered shoe with four-inch heel and were made to showcase the talent of its anonymous maker rather than actually be worn.

Shoes for Show: the Sculptural Art of High Heels is on at the Loading Bay, 91 Brick Lane, London, E1, from 4 – 8 November.