Friday, April 30, 2010

Kenneth Coles' Simple Insole

Kenneth Cole designs high heels which are comfortable. His Silver Edition New York range uses patented 925 Technology which according to the manufacturer are “the most comfortable high heel known to womankind.”

So what’s the secret ?

A cushioned insole (insock) or accommodative orthoses as it is more properly described. The insert which took four years to develop consists of a several millimeter-thin layers. The upper part of the insole (at skin level) is sheepskin which insulates the foot (keeps it at a constant temperature) in cold and warm conditions. Soft suede is strategically positioned to prevent the foot from slipping. Under the arch of the foot is a flaxseed pillow which readily adjusts to the kinetic foot in isobaric fashion. Poron foam TM has a good elastic memory and is inserted at strategic places to give added shock absorbtion. A thin layer of cork gives extra cushioning and the lowermost layer of the combination insole is made from flexible rubber for durability and traction. In the high heel models, the anatomical is raised by an impact-resistant nylon heel lift.

Now you know.