Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Nicole Smallwood's new summer collection from Upper Street

Upper Street have a new summer collection by Nicole Smallwood called the SS14 collection . The summer collection was inspired by Miami and consists of two collections Miami Day and Miami Night. All styles are available in sizes 34-44 so the range caters for women with very small and large feet.

Friday, February 21, 2014

FeetZ Shoes: 3D Printed shoes custom made to fit feet

When you have feet that are in-between standard sizes or half sizes, or one foot is slightly different from the other, finding a comfortable pair of shoes can be especially difficult. FeetZ Shoes is using 3D printing technology to create 3D printed shoes custom made to fit customers’ feet. Customers can take three pictures of each foot and send them to FeetZ. Using specialized software, the company turn the pictures into a 3D model. The complete pair of shoes can be available within seven days. FeetZ are available in different styles and colors. Currently, the material available is a rubber-like substance, but FeetZ expects more materials to become available sometime within the next couple of years. FeetZ Shoes plan to start taking custom orders for shoes later this year.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Contessa Wafer stilettos :Pricey heels

A pair of diamond-encrusted shoes made from solid platinum has gone on sale for an eye-watering $116,000. The Contessa Wafer stilettos are available in silver, gold or platinum. The platinum pair cost $116,000; a gold pair will set you back $100,000, and those on a more modest budget can purchase a pair in silver for about $11,600. The stilettos are the work of British designer Christopher Michael Shellis and he creates and designs the shoes himself. He requires to work at temperatures of more than 1800 degrees as he uses a secret heating technique and the shoes are made to order. The footwear come with a thousand-year warrantee.

The Many Shoes of Carrie Bradshaw's Closet

Pop Chart Lab have obligingly released a print poster featuring the Carrie Bradshaw's infamous shoe collection from "Sex and the City" TV series"The Many Shoes of Carrie Bradshaw's Closet" features 50 hand-illustrated images of Bradshaw's most iconic pairs of stilettos from some of the character's most memorable on-screen moments. Each pair is listed with the episode or film they appeared in. Brooklyn-based brand Pop Chart Lab was launched in 2010, and has since gone on to create a name for itself as an infographic designer focusing on prints, clothing ranges and home accessories. The metallic Carrie Bradshaw poster, referred to by the brand as a ‘couture compendium,' has been released in time for New York Fashion Week and will start shipping from February 14. Prices start from $22.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Stefano Furiani: New Crocs on the block

Crocs Inc., the Colorado-based company is set to launch a collection under the name of its designer, Stefano Furiani, hoping that it might be able to target a higher-fashion consumer. The new collection will include career pumps, flats, mules and ankle-strap thongs in a variety of colors. The shoeswill continue to include the Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) made uppers and Croslite footbeds. To separate the Furiani brand with Crocs, the new collection will not be sold in Crocs stores or on its website. Instead, the range will roll out with limited distribution at about 30 different stores and online retailers, including The Tannery in Boston, Harry's Shoes in New York, Sportie LA in Los Angeles and Zappos.com. Delivery is planned to take place in March.